The construction with environmentally friendly

In order to carry out construction work in harmony with the environment, is very important to pay attention into several aspects.

1. The use of green building materials – In the constructions is important to choose the materials that are derived from renewable natural sources, preferably. Which are characterized by high durability, and also materials that during their manufacture, do not need to go through several stages of processing, since such processes require considerable energy consumption. When choosing materials to build a residence, you should also pay attention, and give preference to materials that can be recycled, such as bricks or wood. Thanks to this, the demolition of these buildings does not generate unnecessary waste.

2. Regional ordering – other solution is to ordering materials from the local producers, because the delivery will be much shorter, thus will be generated less emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

3. Reduces the number of construction waste – a good solution is also to use the precast in the projects, which significantly reduce the amount of waste, generated by construction.

4. Materials without wrap – is worth to observe on how well packaged are the materials supplied for the construction, usually this packaging will be an unnecessary accumulation of waste. In this case the best solution is to order materials without the packaging, or those that use recycled materials to be packed.

5. The choice of materials and packaging for easy disposal – thanks to the use of such materials, the disposal process, can be easier and safe for the environment, especially if they are biodegradable.

6. Easy- to -use materials – it is also important that construction materials are easy to use and do not require heavy equipment. The use of heavy equipment can cause a significant need for energy and the need to generate carbon dioxide.

7. The use of materials that do not impregnates– it is necessary to make use of materials that do not impregnates, and requires deep cleaning, which uses chemical products, as it can expose the residents or users of the building to the danger of chemical products, these material are also harmful to the environment. Therefore, during the ecological construction the need for such products should be minimized.