Ecological design of interiors

When the residence is built from organic materials, and environmentally friendly projects, it remains also for decorate the interiors. How to decorate the house in line with the idea of environmentalism? There are several methods.


The interior designs in the eco style, must be based on natural materials and therefore when furnishing the house is interesting to invest in wooden furniture. They should be minimalist and simple, without unnecessary decoration, also is better to use the natural colours. They can also be the raw wood furniture, without painting, due to the fact that paint components can be chemical, and do not use it is friendlier to the environment and humans also. The eco-home apart of include wooden furniture, should have  the floor in a well finished wood, after all, this is a natural material that will be used for years, with no needs for replacement.


Wicker is another material that should be used by building residential interiors. Wicker furniture is one of the most environmentally friendly on the market today. In a large proportion, this factor is because the wicker grows rapidly, so there is no risk of source depletion, as in the case of wooden furniture. Wicker can also be an excellent material for decoration.

Wool and cotton

Another important material used for ecological interior design is wool and cotton. Because these are materials that has rapidly renewable cycle  in the nature, so the use of this material in construction and decoration is not harmful to the environment. They are therefore an excellent material for the interior design of the eco house.


At ecological house you should find a lot of potted plants, they clean the air and produce oxygen, which significantly improves the quality of life of residents of the house and to some way also contributes to the improvement of air for all.