Eco concept house

Ecological house was a concept which no architect in the past has put in consideration. But nowadays is an important factor for contemporaries investors, that are environment oriented.
By developing the project for ecological houses, is  worth to pay attention to a number of factors such as energy efficiency, minimizing heat loss, water saving, and  also the use of renewable energies.

The principle of sustainable architecture

Ecological houses are constructions, which are building in line with the sustainable architecture, therefore houses that are friendly to the environment and the society. The prices allows the average customers, to have a good house project. The construction and designed should be in harmony with nature.

Ecological residence is a house with efficient energy

The residential Eco project should be at its core designed with energy-efficiency. This project should be uniform,  without unnecessary bends which may cause heat loss. From the south, in the rooms should be located large windows, which provide natural light most of the day, this solution is an easy method to make the house energy-efficient. These types of houses should also have good quality insulation of external walls and roof. The roof in such a project should be simple, without dormers and unnecessary breakdowns.

Ecological house is a passive heating house

In the residential Eco project, should be taken into account technologies such as floor heating and heat recovery units, which allows  all ambient in the house get warm easily, without the use of traditional fuel boilers. These projects should also be designed to provide installations which derive energy from renewable sources such as solar. This would help with the heating process for the entire house and also for water heating system.

Ecological house is a saving water residence

The residential Eco project should also take into account the installations which allow the reuse of water from sinks to toilets flush.

Sewage treatment project

Ecological houses are also the residences that are equipped with sewage treatment plants that allow the introduction into the soil purified water.